Request for Proposals

Faculty Grants for Curriculum and/or Program Development:  ICT/ICJMT and Related Areas

Over the past two years, the campus has been engaged in a wide-ranging discussion about how we can create UCB as a unique center for work in the areas defined by such terms as information, communication, journalism, media, and technology.  Two faculty committees—the Exploratory Committee on Information, Communication, and Technology and the Steering Committee for Information, Communication, Journalism, Media, and Technology—have set forth ideas about how we might do innovative educational and research work in these fields.  Over this past summer, several independent faculty groups have met to discuss these ideas, and their documents are being posted as we receive them.  Campus-wide conversations will be held again this fall, and we will host an external review team of key leaders in these fields early next spring.

In order to engage further the faculty and to provide some additional, concrete ideas to aid in our deliberations, the Office of Academic Affairs will fund a number of interdisciplinary faculty groups who are interested in developing course or program proposals in these areas. We are hoping to solicit ideas that focus on a thoughtful, cohesive curriculum in a multidisciplinary context.  Faculty in any and all departments are invited to submit proposals.

The following criteria should be met:

  1. Each proposal should be submitted by a group of  3-5 faculty members.
  2. Each proposal should involve faculty from at least two different academic units.
  3. Proposals can be for individual courses, sequences of courses, certificates, minors, majors, or programs.
  4. Proposals that can contribute to a potential core curriculum in this broad academic area are welcome.  We are particularly interested in courses that will contribute to a thoughtful, cohesive curriculum that will serve a multidisciplinary group of students.
  5. The best proposals will be those that could be implemented in a range of situations from being offered by current academic units within or across existing schools or colleges, to being part of a new department, center, or academic program.  For example, a course in book history might be offered through existing departments, through a possible department of Information Studies, or through a possible program focused on  Arts, Media, and Design.

The following process will be followed:

  1. Proposals will be due to Academic Affairs, (UCB 40) or, by September 21.
  2. Proposals should include:
    1. A description of the proposed work to be done (limit 500 words)
    2. A schedule of work/meetings.
    3. The vitae of the involved faculty members.
    4. If desired, a request to fund a graduate assistant to the group should be included.  Groups may apply for up to $3000 (15 hrs per week for 10 weeks at $20.00/hour) for graduate student assistance.  Please indicate what the graduate student would be doing.
  3. The proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee named by the Provost.
  4. The committee will make its decisions by September 28.
  5. Each faculty member in a funded group will receive $1,000 in research funds.
  6. A report from the group—including concrete plans for a course, an explanation of how this course will enable faculty and students to capture opportunities that are not available within the current curriculum, etc.—will be due in Academic Affairs on January 14, 2013.  The report will be posted for the campus community and shared with the external review team.