Exploratory Committee

Charge to the Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) Exploratory Committee by Russell Moore, Provost:

The Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) Exploratory Committee shall meet regularly during the Fall semester of 2010 for the purposes of:

  • providing a high level analysis of existing ICT assets (i.e., faculty, funding, facilities, etc.) on the Boulder campus;
  • determining how those assets might be organized to create a contemporary ICT Program that will serve our students in the future, and that will place an emphasis on ICT research and scholarship.  Different organizational structures should be considered, taking into account the budget realities that we currently face.
  • presenting the interim Provost with different ICT Program organizational options, and strategies to achieve those that take into account ‘high’ and ‘low’ budget scenarios.  These should be ‘high level’ recommendations that can serve to identify subsequent paths forward for the creation of an appropriate Boulder campus ICT program. The committee does not need to resolve every organization or administrative issue, but should instead focus on the intellectual and educational content of the proposed program(s).

In conducting their work, the ICT Exploratory Committee should engage

  • existing ICT constituents on the Boulder campus, including (but not limited to) the faculties and students of the SJMC, ATLAS, Computer Science, and digital arts and humanities;
  • other interested units and their administrations (Deans, Chairs) for the purposes of identifying the opportunities, challenges, and impacts that might be created by different ICT Program models;
  • local and regional ICT professionals;
  • representatives from other high profile regional and national ICT programs.

The ICT Exploratory Committee shall submit their preliminary findings to the Provost by the end of the 2010 calendar year. These findings will be shared with representative of the BFA, the Deans and Vice Chancellors, and the Chancellor’s Cabinet, and their reactions will be provided to Committee for the purposes of preparing a final report that will be tendered by no later that February 01, 2011. The Provost will then make a recommendation to the Chancellor on how to proceed.